Calling all Mom's of Picky Eaters!

I'm convinced that my son is one of the pickiest eaters in the world. Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but he is for sure VERY picky. When he was a baby, he ate everything. Veggies, fruits, meats, pasta..his diet was better than mine was! Then once he turned a year old, that's the moment everything changed for him. He started cutting out veggies, then meats. Now he's at the point where we have just a couple of staples and he basically eats the same thing every day with very little variation. I try hiding foods, I offer him everything I make for dinner, I demonstrate that what I make is delicious, I've included him in preparing meals, I've made fun shapes out of his foods, all of that and he STILL won't open up to trying anything new. He's what I like to call a Peanut-butter-and-Jelly-Fruit-itarian. Of course he’s the typical toddler who loves all things crunchy too. We have lots of veggie made snacks (veggie chips, straws etc.) and your typical fishy crackers that he frequently eats. Sometimes I can convince him that grilled cheese or cheese pizza is delicious too, but those can also be a challenge. We've come to the point where we’re concerned that he's not getting the proper nutrients he needs. I mean he's growing, he was average in height and weight the last time the doctor saw him, and he looks healthy. But I how much 'goodness' is he truly getting from PB&J sandwiches and fruit everyday? 

Like I mentioned, I've tried hiding food in with his staples, but the kid is just too dang smart for his own good. And honestly, I feel like hiding foods, especially veggies, really doesn't teach the palate the true taste of the foods you are hiding. I was getting truly discouraged, until a friend posted about this awesome company EasyPeasie. Not only do they have a super cute name (that totally spoke to me!), but they also have a great philosophy to help kids learn to love the foods they eat! 

Easy Peasie was created by two sisters, both doctors, a pediatrician and and engineer. One's a fellow Momma and the other is an auntie, so they both know first hand the struggles other mom's go through when feeding their kiddos. Together they created the brilliant idea of veggie blends which are "All natural, Mild flavored, dried and ground veggies". They come in little bottles that look just like your typical spice bottle, and they also have larger size options. Their goal with creating and sharing this product, is to help kiddos learn the smell, and develop a taste for veggies. Now for kids like mine, this is perfect! He's picky with textures, colors and will refuse foods just by looking at them. Side story: I once made him his typical Pb&j lunch but cut the sandwich into triangles instead of squares and he literally wouldn't even touch it! With EasyPeasie's products, I can add just a couple of shakes to his meals and right now has NO idea. I plan to add more and more as he starts to develop a taste for it, and eventually I hope we can get to a point that he will actually begin to eat his veggies! So far I've tried it in Mac and cheese, Pb&J and grilled cheese. The Mac and cheese was a fail for him(he didn't like the shape of the pasta I chose ::eye roll::), but for myself and my husband, it was a big hit! I could taste a hint of the veggie blend I chose, (carrots, peas and butternut squash), but it didn't over power the dish. It also didn't change the color so that was a huge plus! Hubs had no idea until I told him about it at the end of the meal! 

L has had no idea that his Pb&j sandwiches have included some veggies and for now that makes me happy knowing he's getting extra nutrients in his meals! Over time I hope that the flavors will start to become more familiar to him, and he will eventually develop better variety with his diet. I strongly recommend this product! Even if you aren't a regular meal cooker that doesn't matter! These veggie blends are so versatile that you could shake a little onto anything your child is eating, and they will still get the same benefits out of it! It’s easy, its affordable (They're currently having a "best by"  50% off sale!) and their products are all natural-which is a big plus for me!

Check out their website for more information about their products, and to purchase your fave veggie blend!! Let me know if you've tried these blends and if you've discovered a great way to incorporate these blends into your meals!


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